Bayshore Friends Church
Friday, February 28, 2020
You Are No Longer a Servant But a Friend!

Stewards Team

   Our Stewards Ministry Team is a hands-on group.  We oversee the general budget, care for all church properties, and promote stewardship among the members.

Michael R. Maples, Stewards Team Leader

The Lord has blessed me to be a member of Bayshore Friends Church since 1988. Pastor Mahlon Macy helped bring my wife Donna and I through a personal crisis in 1987 and in doing so took us from the brink of despair to the Glory of the Lord. Since then I have committed myself to God and knowing Him at Bayshore Friends Church. The people there are like family to me.


God has given me business opportunities in retail and in construction.  I do my best to put these life learned skills to use leading the Steward’s team in oversight of properties and associated business matters to meet the goals of the church.