Bayshore Friends Church
Sunday, May 20, 2018
You Are No Longer a Servant But a Friend!

Christian Music For Teens and Young Adults

Below is a list of bands for teens that are interested in listening to Christian Rock / Hard Rock / Metal / Punk / Screamo / and Contemporary 
All bands can be searched at their websites or on
Band Name
Type of Sound
Lyrics to Prove Christian faith
Latest Album
1. Brian "Head" Welch - Former Guitarist of Korn
Hard Rock / Metal
"GOD... save me from myself. GOD... save me from my hell"
Save Me From Myself
Brian Head
2.Toby Mac
Rock / Contemporary
"But hey ,Devil, Go on get you junk out of here. I dont need you"
Rock / Hard Rock 
"I saw angels fall down, At the glory of the LORD"
Rock / Hard Rock
"I Give it all to you, I offer up my soul"
Innocence and Instinct 
Red Music
5. The Devil Wears Prada
Screamo / Metal / Hard Rock
"Dear LORD - deliver me from hypocrisy and surcease"
With Roots Above and Branches Below
6. Chris Tomlin
"Awesopme is the LORD most high"
And If Our God Is For Us
7.P.O.D (Payable On Death)
Hard Rock
"He put his life to an end , They might remember HIM then"
 When Angels and Serpents Dance
Payable On
8. Hillsong
"My GOD is mighty to save , HE is mighty to save"
Shout to the LORD
9. Flyleaf
"Do you believe in GOD , writin on the bullet , and cassie pulled the trigger"
Momento Mori
10. Disciple
Rock / Punk / Hard Rock
"O GOD but will i stay this way"
Scars Remain
11. Casting Crowns
Contemporary / Rock
"LORD the worship we bring is more then what we sing"
Until the Whole World Hears
12. Switchfoot
"We were meant to live for so much more , Have we lost our selves , Somewhere we live inside"
Hello Hurricane
13. Decyfer Down
Rock / Hard Rock
"Until i live my final day , Ill speak YOUR name , I wont be afraid" 
14. Anberlin
Rock / Hard Rock
"When life is in dischord , Praise YE the LORD
Dark Is The Way Light Is The Place
15. Underoath
Screamo / Metal / Hard Rock
"GOD take me because i hate me"
16. Hawk Nelson
Punk / Rock
"I cry out this is my prayer"
Live Life Loud!
17. As I Lay Dying
Screamo / Metal / Hard Rock
"An Ocean Between Us"
As I Lay
18. Seventh Day Slumber
Hard Rock / Rock
" Im Stronger every day , YOU'VE made me a brand new man"
Finally Awake
Seventh Day
19. For Today
Screamo / Metal / Hard Rock
But, I was born to die, that the sons may live. Let the nations see. I was born to die